Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Turkey Trot Training

So there are 13 days and some hours left until Thanksgiving and until the TXU Energy Turkey Trot benefiting Sheltering Arms Senior Services.  Christy from My Timeless Blessings and I have team up to train for this upcoming 10K.  Our main goal is to beat our previous PRs.

Monday-3.5 miles in 35 mins
(This is Christy's leg.  Since the time has changed, we are actually running when the sun is going down.  She fell on the sidewalk.  But she got up and just kept going.  No pain, No gain!  No excuses!)

Tuesday-5.02 miles in 52 mins
Wednesday-Christy did 5.24 in 56 mins and I did 6.2 miles in 1 hr 13 mins

(We have been pushing hard mileage and the weather change has not helped either.  Christy's ankle started hurting so she had to stop.  Remember listen to your body.  You body will tell you when to stop.  Don't injure yourself.  Our goal was 10K mileage.)

Saturday-3.1 miles (5K)

I have had a really hard time adjusting to the cold weather, well my lungs.  My throat is very sore from my not breathing in my nose and out of my mouth.  I am wearing a cold gear jacket.  It is always good that you prepared yourself for the outdoor weather.  You are no good if you are sick and unprepared.  So do layer is you need to.  The cold weather makes your body work harder, so if you need to slow down like me, do.

Make sure to follow Christy at My Timeless Blessings for next week's update.  Also follow us on twitter @independentmami and @corellana86.

***Disclosure-TXU Energy is sponsoring our Turkey Trot entries.  But all this hard work, training, sweat, cuts, and bruises are all our own HARD EARNED too!  We are not being compensated for these conversations or posts.  As always I try to provide you my readers with information to help myself and you along our journey.  I am not a doctor, so please do check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program or for questions concerning your health.  Good Luck!

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Anonymous said...

It is good to have a motivational partner. Good luck with this when the time comes. You are right listen to you body. Patricia