Friday, November 16, 2012

Fitness Friday-Jenny Craig Update Week 1

So I went for my 1st consultation last Thursday, and started the Jenny Craig program. 
Jumping on the scale has not been a problem for me, only when I do not like the results.  I have never tried any weight loss program before so I was very curious to see if it would really work.  Would I be looking HOT like Mariah Carey?  Ok, wishful thinking! 

So last month I told you about my Juicing diet I did, which I ended up going all the way down to 157.  But once I put food back into my diet, guess what?  I gained it back, not all.  It was gradual but it came back.  I know, I am to blame.  I made poor choices, but after all you have had is juice.  I wanted food, all food.

Jenny Craig is different.  I get to eat real food.  I get a menu that is planned out for me.  I do not fill deprived of food because I am eating food.  Sometimes I even feel like I am eating too much food.

 This is some of my meals I have been eating as part of my meal plan:

The food taste really good.  No lie.  I have also had fries, meatloaf, popcorn, pretzels, cheesecake, cake, oh-em-gee much, much more.  My husband envys my food.  He sometimes checks the trash to see if it was a real Jenny Craig package.  He has tasted it, and he likes it too. 

Here is what I have learned so far:

-Previously I was not eating enough.
-Nor was I eating the right food.
-I wasn't getting all the nutrients I needed for my body.

I like that the Jenny Craig packages offer tips right on the box.  While I am waiting for my meal to get warmed up, I read and learned.  I like the suggestions they have on the box of what veggies to pair with my food.  So far, I have not felt hungry even meals.  I have felt full all day long. 

Let's Keep it Real:

I cheated the first day on the plan.  We had lunch with the in-laws and a birthday dinner with a set menu.  But you know what, I have not cheated ever since.  I learned.  I felt so bad.  I have also tried to keep myself away from situations where I cannot say no to food.  I need to gain more will power, and learn to say NO.  This is a lifestyle change, but for now I am glad that I can call Jenny Craig when needed.  Jenny Craig is available at my center or at their 1-800 number.  How awesome is that?  Is I do have to go out to eat because I won't be on Jenny for life, they are there to assist me make better decisions?  I have not had to use them.  I am holding my phone a friend card.  Weekends are harded for me, than weekdays.  So the real test is yet to come-THANKSGIVING. 


I actually do not get to weigh in until my consultation tomorrow so I have no weigh for you at this time.  My clothes feels great though.  I even wore leggings the other day!!

Stay tuned to the next Fitness Friday for my next update.

***Disclosure-I received a 30 day membership to Jenny Craig.  My experience and opinions are all my own. 

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