Monday, November 26, 2012

Recap TXU Energy Turkey Trot

So what were you doing Thanksgiving morning?  Sleeping in, up early and cooking, getting ready for football, or running a turkey trot?

We were running a turkey trot.  TXU Energy Turkey Trot was held right outside the fountains by the Galleria.  It was a great event.  We had a blast and many of our friends and family joined in.

This is not even half of our group that ran.  We had over 25 people in our group...  We had the kids in the 1K.  We had the pre-teens and teens run in the 5K.  And the adults all ran the 10K.

My official time:


I beat my old time by 7 minutes.  (Bayou Classic 10K 2011 1:14:33)  This is my 1st 10K after the pregnancy and having had the baby.  In 2010, the turkey trot was my very 1st race ever, and now I was back here again.  This year we had a couple of new comers, and we were all so proud of them for completing and crossing the finish line.  They even did better than they imagined.

In the end I burned over 700 calories, ran 6.2 miles, and will be able to have bragging rights that crossed that finish line.

So are you up to the challenge?

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