Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stanley Home - Degreaser Concentrate

For 70 years, Stanley Home has been offering quality cleaning, home, and personal care products to North American homes and families. Stanley Home representatives are the heart of the company, helping sell great products at a great price, while enjoying the at-home business opportunities that come with being an independent Customer Representative.

Stanley Home is pleased to introduce you to their new Degreaser Concentrate; four times more concentrated than leading cleaners, it powers out tough grease build-up and stains wherever they’re found. Since you use less, you save more, for better results! It is safe for septic systems, biodegradable, and phosphate-free.

Degreaser Concentrate
All-Purpose, Double-Strength Cleaner

Concentrated to work hard: Dissolves grease in seconds on cookware, countertops, broilers, dishes, tools, and walls - wherever grease build-up is a problem.

Cost effective: It's four times more concentrated than leading cleaners ... so you use only 1/4 as much. 32 oz. of Degreaser Concentrate makes 96 16-oz. pump spray bottles.

Convenient: Dilute and pour into Stanley's pump sprayer for spray 'n wipe ease. Works in hard or soft water.

Created with your safety in mind: Safe for septic tanks, biodegradable, and phosphate-free.

Contains BITREX®--which has such an intensely nasty taste it is practically impossible for a person or pet to ingest.

My thoughts-So as you know I am pregnant, and some smells kill me. I was able to use this product. I diluted it in a spray bottle and sprayed my oven. It has been on my things to do list. I sprayed, and let it sit. Then came back and was able to just wipe clean. I hate cleaning the oven. And right now I cant bend over or be in cleaning mode for too long. So I like products like this that do the job for you. There are so many uses for this product. I put some in a pan that was sitting out and had stuck on food. Normally I am scrapping the pans with a spoon to get the food off even after soaking. I let it sit with this product and was able to come back to it, and just rinse off.

***Disclosure-No compensation was received. I received product to review. These are my honest opinions. You should always test out a product on your on, you may have different results depending on use.

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