Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dumbo Movie Review

Dumbo was first released on 10/23/1941. This year will be the 70th year anniversary. The vault is opening and Disney is releasing it on Blue Ray/DVD/Movie Download on September 20.

Lovable little Dumbo's mother thinks he's the most perfect baby elephant ever ? but the rest of the circus herd can't get over mocking his oversized ears. When Dumbo's mother is locked up for trying to defend her baby, the little elephant is left at the mercy of the mean elephants and the uncaring circus crew, who make him into a clown. It's up to tiny ringmaster pal Timothy Mouse, a pack of wise-talking crows, and a "magic" feather to show Dumbo that his ears, which make him different, can also make him shine.

My thoughts-I love when Disney opens the vault. I love to watch these classics, I grew up watching. The songs are so cute, and make you just want to sing along. I love the animation. I felt like I was watching this movie for the first time. A movie that shows how much mothers love their kids. And that everyone is different but special in their own way. It is a cute movie to watch with the entire family. We loved it.

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***Disclosure-No compensation was received. I received a copy of this movie to review. These are my honest opinions.

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Anonymous said...

I also love it when Disney opens the vault. We wore this movie out when it was on VHS. One of my favorites. Patricia