Thursday, September 29, 2011

Foodarama Coupon Policy #Houston

I wanted to share my experience at my local grocery with you and see if you have been affected by coupon policies.

Since I am on a high risk pregnancy my husband goes with me to the grocery store. I am restricted from heavy lifting, pulling, pushing, or emotional distress.

Yesterday like every Wednesday, my husband and I headed to our neighborhood Foodarama. I have not been using coupons but last week it really hit our budget when we spent over $150. So this week I decided to get all my coupons together which were not many.

I had a:
-1 $1.00 off for milk
-6 FREE manufacturer coupons mailed to me from the companies themselves
-1 Letter coupon FREE item from the company
-1 $.50 off cheese

We went through the store like we normally do. We went down every aisle. Finally we go to check out. The lady sees my handful of coupons but continues to ring me up. After she is done she tells me my total. I tell her that I had my coupons she needs to scan. She looks at the coupons, takes them, and calls the manager. I was asking what was going on because I thought maybe she is new and does not know how to scan them. The manager comes over, looks at the coupons like the were fake, and tells me we do not accept these. I asked why? He said these are FREE coupons. I said yes from the company sent to me. (real manufacturer coupons) I said can I see where your policy states that? I do not see it on the doors, or the check out counter, or your ads. He walked away and did not acknowledge me. So I decided to take those items off. I bought the rest of my groceries which totaled over $100.

So as soon as I left I put a comment on facebook and twitter for others to know since the coupon has never posted this policy for customers.

I received a message this morning on twitter:

foodaramatx Houston Groceries
@ @independentmami We're sorry you were having problems - here's our coupon policy: Please contact us w/any problems!

It says "FREE" Product printable coupons are not accepted.

Mine were not printed by me. They came straight from the company as a THANK YOU. They were real.

Has this ever happened to you?

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Anonymous said...

I had a cashier verify with her manager my coupons for free items before and they came straigt from the manufacture not printed. I am finding out that stores do not like the printed free product coupons...I guess I do see there point since there are a lot of fake one out there. Usually free product coupons are different looking than printed ones...they just want to make things diffictult. I am glad they got thing worked out with you. Patricia