Friday, September 16, 2011

BINSI® Labor and Birth Apparel Review

Have you decided your birth plan? Are you going to deliver in a hospital or at home? Are you going to use a doula, midwife, or OB/GYN? There are so many tough questions to take care of before your delivery. My mother in law delivered all her kids at home, except my husband, and including her twin daughters. This is customary in hispanic countries, but some have modernize and now have the hospitals as an option.

Have you decided what you are wearing the day of your delivery? I have an option for you.

BINSI® Labor and Birth Apparel is a practical, and functional way to enhance your birthing experience.
•Look and feel more like yourself.
•Ideal for both home and hospital births.
•Accommodates all labor positions and medical equipment.
•Midwife, doctor, nurse and doula approved and recommended.
•Personalize your skirt with blessing beads to encourage you and your baby during labor
•Given as gifts by those in the know.

What makes BINSI® so different?
Most women in childbirth are healthy and need to be active - so why shouldn't you look and feel that way? BINSI® is the only labor and birth apparel designed by a birth doula and mother of three to work well for midwives, doctors, nurses, anesethsiologists, doulas - and most of all you! Our designs were tested and evaluated by mothers and all other birth professionals to make sure that they are the best design possible. BINSI® skirts fit below your belly, so they won't irritate your sensitve skin during contractions or interfere with monitoring. They are adjustable, so they fit your ever changing figure easily, all while keeping you covered and comfortable so you can focus on what's really important. BINSI® tops have clasps on the front straps that unhook to accommodate breastfeeding and medical equipment. They also have side snaps to allow the top to be partially, or completely, removed with ease. Make sure to put BINSI® in your birth plan and go over it with your health provider before your big day.

My thoughts-The Binsi bra top is wonderful. It has snaps in the front, not in the back. Heck I can't even snap my bras right now, imagine then. It is really comfortable. It feels like a sports bra, and the material is breathable. The Binsi skirt snaps in the front. It has slits on the legs. It has a drawstring tie, and I think the idea of adding the beads is so cute. The skirt is comfortable.

How soon can I get my BINSI®?
Most orders will ship same day except Saturday, Sunday or Holidays
Express Mail - will ship same day if order is placed before noon, Mountain Standard Time.

***Disclosure-I received this product to review. No compensation was received. These are my honest opinions.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard of BINSI. I am glad they make them. Those gowns in the hospital cover nothing up, but this is amazing. -P