Monday, September 12, 2011

Pregnancy Diaries-Week 22

I am on Week 22. A little over half way, and very thankful. I have not really taken any pregnancy pictures of me or the belly other than miscellanous pictures here and there. And for my 1st pregnancy I don't have any good pictures of my belly, so I have decided to document at least the 2nd half of this 2nd pregnancy. I will be posting a weekly picture of me, and my pregnancy. This is me at 22 weeks. I am wearing a dress from Motherhood that is very comfortable, and I love the color.
What's going on with the baby? Well we are having a girl and we have decided her name will be Gia Madelene. Not too sure on how I want to spell the middle name but for now, this is how we are spelling it.

How are we preparing? I have decided I want to have as much done as possible before I get bigger, and of course before the holidays. So the mission this month of September is to have the nursery done. I have had a world wind of things happening at our home. One thing is picking a room for the baby and getting that room cleaned, painted, and ready to go. The other was having my mother move in with us, and getting our guest bedroom ready for her. So after playing musical rooms with my guest bed room, and computer room, we completely emptied both rooms out. My gameroom now looks like a hoarders 1 bedroom house. My mom is finally completely moved in to our new designated guest bedroom(used to be computer/misc/blogger/office). And the old guest bedroom, has now been transformed to the nursery. The nursery was fun to design and put together. My husband and I decided on the colors to use together. For the wall we decided on Pink Granite.
We wanted to pick a subtle color that we would be ok with for awhile. And we both decided this was perfect, not too, too pink. My husband decided he was doing crown molding, and for that we went with Gentle Fawn. The design of the crown molding was my husband's creation. We enlisted 2 of our good friends to come and help with the nursery, and even one of my brothers came and helped. I love stars and he incorporated them into the design. With the colors of the bedding included, the design was perfect, and I am so glad he invisioned it. The work was tough, placing the stars, cutting the trim, painting it, touch ups, and all the rest that I have no idea that they would do or did, but in the end it looks so beautiful. I still have to add my final touches to the wall. I am thinking of doing the baby's named monogram on the wall, or the meaning of her name. (If any company is interested me doing a review, please contact me.)

Here is the crib we picked with the complete bedding.
How am I feeling? I am doing good. The morning sickness, nausea has controlled itself a little more over time. I dont like to brush my teeth in the mornings becuase it makes me gag, and throw up sometimes, but sometimes I am fine. The day sickness has not really gotten me anymore.
I do get tired after a full work week. And I can tell you I do have swollen feet at times. This is my swollen right foot last night. I did not even realize how bad it was until I woke from a nap and I looked at my feet. I could not see any bones from the sweeling. My anckles, WHAT ANCKLES, because I could not see them. My ritual when I get home is to put my feet up and try not to do much once I get home but yeah I am still a mom, wife, and many more job titles. And the weekends are even worse for me. Luckily this morning the swelling had gone down, and I can kinda see my poor anckles again. But a new work week awaits me, and we move forward.


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That is a beautiful name for you precious girl. Thanks for updating us. I am glad you are doing well. Patricia

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Thank you!

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your post is really amazing to readB.