Monday, May 23, 2011

Winner of Pampers $50-Pay it Forward AX gc

I was very torn because I had to pick a winner.  After reading all the different stories, there were a couple that really touched my heart.  I contacted some to give me more information on the person or persons they would help as well.  I would love to help everyone but I only have 1 giftcard to give away.  So since I could not decide, I went to, and we have a winner.

And the winner is....

katychick said...


I would buy diapers for my friends son- he is 5 months old. They are really in need and if you read this-they could use your prayer. The mom had one eye removed about 2 years ago b/c she has a rare form of ocular melaoma-she is only 30 years old. She then had a son- he is now 5 months old and the cancer has returned- to her liver. She needs all the support we can give her. please add her to your fb

fb- benefit for tiffany blair
This is her story:

Tiffany was diagnosed in August 2009 with a rare form of cancer called Ocular Melanoma. This is a very rare type of cancer of the eye. Doctors told her at the time that due to the size of the tumor the best course of action was enucleation, or removal of the eye. Tiffany handled all of this with amazing grace and strength. She had a prosthetic eye made and adapted amazingly quickly. Her insurance would not cover the cost of the eye, as it was deemed to be “cosmetic”, and she had to pay out-of-pocket for this. However, scans revealed no signs of cancer anywhere else in her body and she was deemed to be “cancer free”, and was told she just needed follow-up CAT scans every 6 months for the first 3 years.

She had a beautiful baby boy Dylan in January 2011. During her pregnancy she was unable to have the CT scans completed. She had her most recent scan March 2011. It showed the cancer had returned to her liver and spleen. To make matters worse, she lost her health insurance the day after she learned of this diagnosis. Thankfully, Tiffany has been able to secure insurance from the “high risk pool” in Texas, and her coverage will be effective as of May 1st. However, the premiums and deductible are extremely high. In addition, treatment options are very limited. We are in the process of trying to research the best options quickly. It appears very likely that she will have to travel out-of-state to receive at least some of her treatments. There is a doctor in Pennsylvania that has some potentially promising treatments. We are not sure at this time what all treatment is going to consist of, it is constantly evolving.

Thank you so much,

Tcogbill at live dot com

May 19, 2011 2:36 PM

If you would like to help Tiffany, please click here to go to her donation page.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. Tiffany is an amazing woman and thank you to anyone who says a prayer for her. She is really going to appreciate the diapers.

Thanks again,