Saturday, May 7, 2011

Slimmies review

I am going to introduce you to Slimmies, a Chocolate Chew.
About the Program – The Slimmies Weight Loss Program is designed to effectively reduce fat absorption, boost metabolism and control appetite, essentially promoting overall health and wellness. Slimmies is a Weight Loss Chocolate Chew that helps you feel full faster, so you eat less, and with its active ingredient Luralean, helps reduce the fats and calories absorbed from the food you do eat. Luralean is a soluble fiber (100% plant-based natural formula) with a high molecular weight and viscosity compared to other fibers, and thus provides support for weight management, regularity, glycemic control, and lipid metabolism. Used in hospitals for patients, child obesity treatments, and for elderly diabetes patients, Luralean is designed to act naturally and physically in your body, not chemically, making it one of the safest weight control methods currently available.

Voted ECRM as the best new diet product in North America, Slimmies is truly an amazing product, and has some fantastic package deals being offered to those interested in starting this weight loss program – Buy 2 Get 1 Free, and the Fit for Life Program.

More details about Slimmies current offers and science background, as well as an informative video, and clinical studies can be found on their Official Website –

Independentmami thoughts-I took the Slimmies 30 minutes before eating my food, and drank 8oz of water immediately after to activate the active ingredient. The chocolate was actually good. I was really iffy at first but these Slimmies got me through Easter and all that Easter candy cravings. I even passed some around the office for my co-workers to taste. And they agreed with me and said the chocolate chews tasted good. They are better than trying to take pills to me because you get to eat chocolate. I have been eating the chocolate chews for several weeks now and they have helped me control my eating and cravings. Check out the nutricional facts:

Disclosure-I received sample product for this review. No compensation was received. These are my honest opinions. This product has been Independentmami tested and Independentmami approved. You should always try a product out yourself and make your own conclusion.

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