Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vocal Point

As a Latina woman, many things make you feel proud: your traditions, your experiences, your language, your family. All the things that make you beautiful inside and out. That’s why Orgullosa de mi Belleza was created.

It’s a program that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of the Latina woman. Because feeling good about yourself is most important and is the start of feeling proud. Discover what Orgullosa de mi Belleza can offer you to help you enhance your beauty and feel more proud than ever.

Thanks to Vocal Point for allowing me to throw a RSVP Party. I invited my girlies over for a girls nite of pampering. Check out the goodies they received Thanks to Vocal Point and
About Orgullosa-
Orgullosa de mi Belleza es un programa que celebra la belleza de la mujer latina. Gracias a la colaboración de importantes marcas, Orgullosa de mi Belleza ofrece consejos personalizados, tips, novedades e información sobre productos. Un lugar en el que encontrarás todo lo que necesitas para realzar tu belleza.

***Disclosure-No compensation was received.  I am a member of Vocal Point.  I was selected to throw a RSVP party which came with a party kit which included sample product items, information pamplet, coupons, and a $5 giftcard for each guest.  I, as the host, received a $10 giftcard.  These are my honest opinions.

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Anonymous said...

hi, my sister did an Orgullosa party. We all had sooo much fun. The bracelet (which i wear everyday now) is a really fantastic touch! I am now trying a hair smoother that is taming my wild spanish mane. i would LOVE to experience that again. I am telling everyone about Orgullosa, and am planning on uying more skirts!