Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 8

Welcome back to our series in collaboration with Arianna from and Jessica from The Reinvention of Jessica

We did not have much planned this weekend.  I only had one thing and I really wasn't sure I wanted to do that.  Saturday turned out to be a movie day and we were ok with just doing that.  Sometimes doing nothing at all is all you need.
Sunday, we headed down this bridge for our next adventure.  Have you ever heard of Bayou Bend Gardens?  Bayou Bend is part of MFAH.  I have always wondered what this place really was.  They host free Family Sunday events throughout the year.  Bayou Bend Family Days include craft, entertainment, tours, etc.  This place is kid friendly.  My favorite parts:

1)  Exploring-You can roam around the beautiful gardens exploring the grounds.

2)  Travel back in time.  I love antique things.  I love learning, listening, and seeing how our ancestors lived.  We got to tour former home of Houston civic leader and philanthropist Ima Hogg.

3)  Family Time. 

It was a beautiful place.  We had a wonderful time.  Lil Bit got hungry so we ended up leaving to grab so food at Jax Grill.
After this short lunch break, our daughter decided she still wanted to continue our adventure.  She wanted to go to the jungle.  The weather did not look good, so we just headed to Memorial Park.  We pretended we were looking for the jungle.  Here are some pictures of this part of our adventure:

It started sprinkling so our pretend jungle trip had to be cut short.  Memorial Park is a wonderful place.  We will be back.  There are patches of blue bonnets and wild flowers in case you are looking for some in Houston.  I will leave you with this...
Earth Day is Friday, April 22.  Do something to make a difference in our planet.  Until next time.

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