Friday, April 22, 2016

Fitness Friday-Texas Children's Hospital Fun Run

This year our first run of the year as a family was the Texas Children's Hospital Fun Run.  It is a 3K.
This race is affordable.  It is not a big race.  The after party is only open to the participants and volunteers.  This is our second year participating and we enjoyed ourselves. 

Check out of pictures and reasons why this is a fun run:

1)  Meet and Greets-
2)  Moonwalks, Slides, Games-
3)  Family Time-
4)  Medals-
 Last year, my daughter was in her stroller.  This year she actually ran most of the race.  She was so happy that she even started doing a victory dance before hitting the finish line.  Her moment was captured by the photographer at the race:

This is what she started chanting to herself, "You can do it" "Oh yeah, I am gonna win" "I got this"!  It was the cutest and funniest thing ever.  What a feeling it is to cross that finish line!
Start them young teaching them healthy habits.  I think we have another runner in the family.

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