Thursday, April 14, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 7

Welcome back.  How is your week going?  I am trying to play catch up.  Have you ever had one of those weeks were you are so behind you don't know where to start?  I have, this week.  I am taking one task at a time.  Thanks for being here today.  The reason I am playing catch up is because I had a full weekend.  This is my seventh installment of Weekend Snapshots in collaboration with Arianna from 3twentysix and Jessica from The Reinvention of Jessica.

On Saturday, we started our day bright and early in Katy for our first race of the year.  I will be telling you all about the race in a full post but for now I will share with you a picture of one of my favorite moments.
My daughter got to meet and take pictures with many mascots.  When the Texans Toro came out my daughter was very bashful.  We waited our turn in line.  When she got up there, she stood far away.  He was really good and actually got her laughing.  She then posed with him for a picture. 

Our next adventure was my friend's wedding.  We got ready and then were pitched a curve ball.  Our babysitter was unavailable.  What to do?  We ended up getting her ready and taking her with us.  Our GPS got us lost and we ended up in the back of the venue on a gravel road.  We were running late already.  Things were getting a little frustrating there for a minute.  I had to call the venue and get some assistance.  We finally made it to the venue and come to realize, the wedding was running late.  Phew.  We found our seats in the back and waited for the ceremony to start.  I blinked and it was over or at least that is how it felt.  Turns out in Vietnamese culture there is an intimate traditional tea ceremony .  It was explained to me that only close relatives and the bridal party partake in this.  I was bummed but I understood.  My husband wondered why their ceremony was so short compared to ours.  It took a little explaining but he got it.  We had a small break in between the ceremony and the reception.  We went home and took a much needed nap.  Remember when you were little and you got to take a nap.  We need to add naps back to our day.  Babysitter was still unavailable so we ended up taking our daughter to the wedding reception.  I had already been told to bring her with me.  I had misunderstood and thought it was a no kids wedding.  All things worked out and she had a blast with the kids that were there.  The reception was at Kim Som.  We like Kim Som.  I had been warned that there would be a lot of food served.  Boy was there a lot of food.  Check out the menu:

They also had appetizers in the cocktail hour and a dessert bar with many treats.
My hubs had to leave before the food even came out.  He got called in to work that night.  I was left to enjoy the night with my Lil Bit.  She had a blast dancing the night away. 
We were given to go boxes to take the left overs home and we were able to enjoy this yummy food the next day too. 

I love weddings.  I got to catch up with our friends that we do not get to see anymore.  We danced some.  We ate a lot.  I was so thankful for being invited to share this moment with my friend.  It is crazy, when we are younger we are not looking to make life long friends.  You make friends and you lose friends.  I am so glad I have made some keepers and that they have chosen to keep me as a life long friend too. 

Are you a keeper?  What makes your friends keepers?


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