Friday, April 1, 2016

March 2016 Health Check In

Oh March, I am so glad you are over!  I really had a hard time this month.  There was the week I took vacation, and Easter weekend.  Weekends are already hard for me as it is.  No excuses this month I had no self control.  It was hard to say no when there was so much yummy food around.

My challenges this month:

1)  Food-Road trips = junk food, travel = new foods to discover  I love food!  Good Food.  My husband and I did share a couple of meals.  I said no to all the fried food at the Rodeo. 

2)  Movement-No gym time.  I do not think I made it to the gym a day this month.  We did try to move wherever we were.  At the waterpark, we workout in the water.  We walked a lot. 

So if 80% was my diet and I was not on one, and 20% was my exercise and I did none, where do you think I stand.

After the week of Spring Break vacation, I weight myself and I had gained 4 lbs.  My husband had gained 6 lbs.  Then Easter came. 

My goals were:

1)  Measurements-We never got around to taking my measurements. 

2)  Steps-Oh my where do I start.  I tried to walk 10,000 steps everyday.  I forgot to wear my watch and most of the times, I did not have my phone on me. And well at the waterpark, I chilled.

3)  Running-I did not get to the park to run this month.  I hurt my toe on the last day of the month so I probably will be staying of my feet.  It hurts to walk.

What now?
Emerge (from Merriam-Webster) to rise or appear from a hidden or unknown place or condition : to come out into view

Remember this is a lifestyle change.  When we fall back into our old habits, we get those same results.  The above picture was taken on March 5th.  I was on track and feeling great.  I was seeing results.  But when I took time off, I fell back into my old ways.  We have all been there, right?  We yo-yo diet.  We gain the weight back.  Or we get comfortable where we are at with the progress we have had, and then stop. 

Where I stand today?

Like the above picture I am going to continue to EMERGE out. 

We will be participating in our first race this month.  I am so excited to get us back out there.  I am not trying to break records.  Baby steps.

The goal this month is simple....stay on track everyday. 

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