Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentines DIY Treat Bag

Valentines Day is tomorrow.  It is a holiday celebrated in the schools, daycares, and super sold on TV land.  Growing up my parents were too busy to think of DIY, Pinterest, or even wasting money buying gifts for a pagan holiday.  Gifts do not have to cost you an arm and a leg.  They can be small but made with love.  You don't want your kids to feel left out.    

I like to give thoughtful gifts. It means more to me to put some thought into it. Valentine's Day is no different. It is supposed to be a day where we show each other how much we love one another. I know some people will say things like:

"I love you everyday, not just one day" - but do you show me everyday?  Do you tell me?  Do you appreciate me?  Do you make me feel special in any way?

"The stores made up this holiday to get people in the stores" - You don't have to buy my love.  You just have to show me.  Hugs, time spent together, game night, movie night, something special or different than the normal routine.  We get to caught up in routines and schedules.

Anyway.  Whatever reason you may or may not celebrate, those are yours and yours alone.  I wanted my loved ones to feel special this day.  This is what I did for them.  I made goodie bags.  I personalized each one for each person and I spent under $20.

I went to the store the other day and noticed that V-day cards were $4.99 and higher.  Stuffed animals were at least $5 each.  The decorative bags-don't even get me started on those.  So I decided to make my own bags.  I bought most of my items at the dollar store.  I bought white paper bags.  They were 3 for $1.  I decorated each side and personalized it for each of my loves.
 Dad got a cupid's arrow.   I did 4 hearts-representing each family member.
 The goodies in my daughter's bag are a few of her favorite items.  I also gave her a heart puzzle that was specially made for her by a friend.  No cost.
 My son's goodies went over budget and broke the bank.  Sometimes you just have to splurge a little. The back of his bag has a poem I made up all by myself.  I am no poet but it came from the heart.
 My daughter is small and does not have money.  The teen probably has money but didn't think to buy us anything, I am assuming from previous experience.  I decided to make DAD a bag from them.  I picked a cute card that was 2 for $1.  I also found useful things for him, and favorite candy.
This is nothing big.  It is the thought that counts.  Plus a way to someone's heart is through their tummy.  Candy counts as food, right?  The dollar store has so many great things.  They also have toys.  You can put toys, books, or clothes in your kids' bags.  They have bigger bags for 2 for $1 or $1 bags that you can fit lots of goodies into.  You know your loved ones better than anyone else.

So if you are still looking for an idea or want to give your littles extra goodies, head to your nearest dollar store who knows what you will find. 

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