Saturday, February 13, 2016

Houston Central Market - Chocolate Festival 2016

Central Market Houston is having a free in-store event.  Calling all chocolate lovers???
You're invited to join Chocolate Stars USA at Central Market's Chocolate Festival now through February 16, 2016 at each Central Market location in Texas. Join Chocolate Stars USA as they help transform Central Market's aisles into a chocolate red carpet.  Indulge your sweet tooth, and sample some of the world’s finest crowd-pleasing chocolate items at tasting stations throughout each stores.
During the Chocolate Festival you'll find more sinful selections of decadent gourmet chocolate than you’ll find anywhere. Plus truffles, treats, confections, and creations to over-stimulate every chocolate lover’s sweetest tooth. You’ll even meet the chocolate makers and artisan chocolatiers who create them and learn their most delicious secrets. While strolling through the aisles be sure to keep an eye out for the following:

Frederic Blondeel, the Belgian Chocolate-Maker, surprises and enchants the most demanding and sophisticated chocolate connoisseurs.  Blondeel started his journey as a pastry chef at very prestigious restaurants in France before devoting his life passion to chocolate in 1994.  In July 2012, Blondeel used his grandfather's antique 1953 Santos Palace Coffee Roaster along with modern technology to venture in to production of his own Grand Cru Chocolates.  Frederic hand selects roasts and transforms cocoa beans and nuts into a fully finished product, extending the limits of chocolate taste to new horizons.
Shattell Chocolates, an artisan chocolate factory in Lima, Peru.  SHATTELL uses only criollo cocoa from the Peruvian Amazon region.  This distinctive and rare variety is recognized around the world for its excellent flavor and aroma. Using organic cacao from specific regions results in premium quality products that embody the true flavors and aromas of Peruvian chocolate.  Varieties include: Criollo Tingo Maria - Criollo Saposoa - Criollo Tarapoto.  All of the chocolates are single origin and USDA organic certified.  No blends allow the distinctive taste and characteristics of each individual variety to shine. Shattell works with the farmers, teaching them how to make their own hot chocolate, bonbons and bars, which adds to the value of their cocoa.  They source their beans directly from the farmers and give them a fair price for their finest cocoa beans.  As Shattell's business grows, the growers’ incomes increase, improving their quality of life. Shattell is one of the first in Peru to use 100 percent natural Peruvian ingredients.

Les Chocolats de Pauline, organic chocolatier Jean-Michel Mortreau produces premium chocolates, carefully selecting only the finest raw ingredients. Les Chocolats de Pauline are made by hand in small batches, using sustainable cane sugar and pure cocoa butter, without lecithin or added vegetable fat, allowing the truechocolate flavor to shine through. With Les Chocolats de Pauline, you will discover the real taste of cacao, as Jean-Michel works only with premium cocoa beans from small farms in Peru, Tanzania and the Dominican Republic. Les Chocolats de Pauline have No GMO ingredients and are certified USDA Organic. Every component of Les Chocolats de Pauline's packaging is sustainable, compostable and biodegradable.
I have to tell you I love chocolate!  Love, love it!  And it was such a treat to taste of this chocolate.  Such richness.  It is to die for.  I did have a favorite though.....the Les Chocolats de Pauline Noir Fleur de Del.  The salt takes it to a.....
Yes, a whole another level of yumminess.  My 2nd favorite was the Madagascar chocolate.

If you are looking for something to get your chocolate lover, head on over to Central Market.  Taste it yourself and then, get the best gift ever.  The edible gifts are the best ones!!  Plus, it is on sale not sure how long the sale will last, so hurry.

About Chocolate Stars USA
Chocolate Stars USA is a marketer of fine chocolate brands and innovative sweet creations crafted by select producers around the world: chocolatebars, single origin chocolates, liquor chocolate bars, alfajores and dulce de leche, exclusive gift boxes, professional couvertures, caramelized biscuits and confections. We build quality relationships with our partners to offer you world-class products that will meet your highest standards. Brands currently include Frederic Blondeel Chocolatier, Havanna, Les Chocolats de Pauline, Revillon Chocolatier, Roy Chocolate and Villars.

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