Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016 Scion iA Review

***Disclosure-I got to test drive the New 2016 Scion iA for a week to review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

My family and I attended the Houston Auto Show 2 weeks ago.  A brand that really stood out was Scion.  You have seen those box looking cars out on the road, right?  If you are not familiar with the Scion brand, the original “box,” the xB and the FR-S sports car are all part of this brand. 

Scion iA is the brand’s first-ever sedan with a sporty look.
It is newly designed for the savvy generation of drivers like you and me.  It comes complete with so many features, lots of space, new technology and cool styling to fit any lifestyle. 
It is up to whatever challenge or opportunity comes your way.  This week I put it up to the challenge of my family, schedule, and it showed us it's true colors.

Challenge #1-Trunk Space
Trunk space is very important to every family.  Latinos have big families.  One meal together could mean lots of extra food and drinks needed.  We don't even need to be celebrating anything.  We love to host all of our family which in our family includes grandma, grandpa, their kids, and their kids' kids.  When we went grocery shopping this week, we did a double take.  We weren't sure all of the groceries would fit.  Was the Scion iA trunk big enough?
It was up to the challenge!  We fit every single item in the trunk, everything.  It passed our test.

Challenge #2-Tech Savvy

The HD Radio Traffic helped me check traffic on every trip.  I normally use my phone to guide me through traffic.  This way I was able to get in the iA and no matter where I went, I knew where not to go.
The Rear-view backup camera was impressive.  It has a wide view.  I have driven cars before and have not felt the rear view camera to be this awesome.  Check out my view-all clear for take off.

Challenge #3 Safety-

How fast is your reaction time?  On pretty days my husband takes my daughter outside to play.  When I get home, I am always on the look out for all the kids on my street, especially my little one.  A normal routine is to open the garage, drive in, and close the garage, right.  My son and I were driving into the garage, as we drove in the iA came to a complete stop.  The car alerted we had hit something.  What was it?  The low-speed pre-collision system is designed to detect objects on the road ahead of you and can, under certain conditions, apply the brakes to help avoid a collision.  We did not hit anything but it was good to know that the car would come to a complete stop.  This time it was a bouncy ball the toddler lost control of as she opened the garage door. 

For drivers who think they live the fast and furious lifestyle, Sport Mode is available with the flip of a switch.  I like the Sport Mode.  But what I liked the most was the affordable price.  Price tag is $15,700 for the 6-speed manual transmission and $16,800 for the 6-speed automatic, redefining “entry level.”

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Connie Leon said...

I truly loved this car! I am trying to convince my Hubby to let me get it, haha. Great review!!

Unknown said...

That's a sporty looking car. I've never looked at a Scion before, but you have introduced me, thanks. Great review.