Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tasty Tuesday-Simple Chicken Wraps

***Disclosure-Sample product was received.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

I have been trying to make lifestyle changes not only to my diet but to my family's as well.  I want to give my kid's good habits.  I am making little changes to some of our favorite dishes we enjoy.  I am looking to add more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff.

-More protein.
-Less Carbs
-Less Sugar
-Less Calories

 Chicken Wraps are really easy to make and a favorite at our house.  I do not have a lot of time after work to create fancy meals.  Some meals I make are meal prepped and some are spontaneous.  This one is a favorite because the prep work is done for me.  How great is that?

-Rotisserie Chicken
-Baby Spring Mix
-Kontos Greek Lifestyle Flatbread
I buy my rotisserie chicken already cooked from Kroger or Sam's.  3 oz = 160 calories 
I pull the chicken of the bone so it will be easier to serve.  No technique needed.  The left over chicken can be placed in a plastic container for another meal on a different day. 

I buy the Organic Baby Spring Mix from Sam's.  3 oz = 20 calories
From the Taylor Farms website-(may contain some or all of the following baby whole leaf varieties: green leaf, mizuna, green romaine, tango, green oak, green chard, baby spinach, arugula, frisee, tatsoi, mache, red chard, red leaf, lolla rosa, red romaine, red mustard, radicchio, red oak, beet tops).
This mix can provide Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron.  No need to chop or shred.

I like to buy grape tomatoes because my daughter loves to eat them like candy.  I also buy Roma tomatoes.  I cube the tomatoes.  Usually for 4 of us, I only need 2 tomatoes.  Any extra tomatoes my daughter will eat anyways.  No wasting food here.
Then each person can top their own flatbread with as much or little as they want.  You can sprinkle a lime juice, hot sauce, and some shredded cheese as well. 
The dietary traditions of Greece and the Mediterranean have long been proven to promote better health and longevity.  Kontos Greek Lifestyle Flatbread is formulated in this better-for-you tradition.  Ideal for wraps, roll-ups or for our breadbasket.  ‘Hand- stretched for fluffiness™’, contains No Trans Fat, and 100% Vegetarian.

Kontos bakery line ranges from flat bread to pizza crust and best of all orders include free shipping.

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