Monday, December 15, 2014

Toddler Photo Shoot with Girls Costumes

***Disclosure-Costume was received for review purposes.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

I love dress up time with my daughter.  She loves to pretend she is a princess, and sometimes I don't think she is pretending.  She, like most little girls her age, love to play dress up.  Do you have a little girl or boy who loves to play pretend?  Of course, when playing pretend you need to be in character. 
Costumes can also be used for great photo shoot options for birthdays, holidays, and everyday pictures.  We recently decided to take our daughter to a new play land that has a castle, dragons, and beautiful landscapes to take pictures.  Who would of thought that the play land in the mall would be a perfect place to take pictures of your kids?  When thinking photo shoot, think about just letting your kiddo have fun and you capturing those moments.
-I have learned that with our daughter it is just better to let her do her thing than asking her to pose and smile.
-With any toddler, be prepared for all things going wrong.
-Bring help.  Mamis, papis, big brothers, and sisters can all join in the fun too!  But they can also be a helping hand when needed.
-Don't get frustrated when the shot your are looking for isn't working.  You can always edit the pictures later.  Just keep the camera shooting, one shot might come out great out of all the outtakes.

We let our daughter just run around this play land and I just shot pictures of her all over.  In some pictures there were kids or parents in the way.

-Remember to pick a time that works out good for you, your kid, and the place you will be using.  I thought showing up early would be perfect but this place is popular as it was already full at opening time.

Everyone loved seeing my daughter in her costume at the play land.  No one else was dressed up except for her.  But her costume was so cute and it went with the castle play land.  We have a poised, little girl who loves the camera, dress up, and the attention!

We had not done a photo shoot with our toddler.  It was fun until it was time to go.  She did not want to leave the onsite location.  But who would want to leave a beautiful play land like this one.  Makes pretending to be a princess so much more real than playing at your house.


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Mizz Alvarado said...

Aww so adorable! She is getting so big :)