Monday, December 22, 2014

Birthday Chalkboard Sign

Remember when I redid my kitchen, Kitchen Makeover  in 2012.  Well doing my chalkboard wall has been the best DIY idea.  It has a great purpose.  I use it for everything.  I use it for notes to the family.  I use it to decorate for parties.  I get good use out of my wall.  And it looks like this is the new trend this year to have chalkboard signs at parties.  So this is the sign I did for my daughter's birthday, today!
The great part about it was that if I messed up, I could start all over.  I personalized it with information about my daughter.  I used colors she likes.  It was the perfect backdrop for her party.  I also cut out a picture to add because I was not about to try and draw a princess.  It turned out great and I really had fun coming up with things to fill up the wall.
Happy 3rd Birthday to our little Princess Lil Bit!

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Connie Leon said...

She is so cute! and now...I want a chalk board house! :D