Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tasty Thursday-Pollo Tropical

***Disclosure-I was invited to a preview event to this restaurant opening.  All opinions stated are my own based on my own personal experience.

Just recently I was in Florida.  I love visiting there so I can enjoy the food.  Florida is like Houston, both being melting pots of different culture.  In Houston, we get the hispanic/latino flair of food.  A new restaurant has hit Houston that comes with its distinctly Caribbean flavors.
Pollo Tropical has opened 2 restaurants in the Houston area, one in Pearland and one in Tomball.  It serves handcrafted food based on the islands’ melting pot of culinary cultures. These flavors, displayed in Pollo Tropical’s rubs and marinades, enhance fresh vegetables and meats such as pork, beef and Pollo Tropical’s signature chicken dishes.

And now, they are opening a new location in the Houston area at Westheimer and Voss.

Pollo Tropical’s signature island-inspired offerings, include:

·         Pollo – fresh, citrus-marinated and grilled over an open flame. Order a whole grilled chicken for the family, make a single meal out of a half or quarter chicken platter or enjoy a boneless, skinless pollo
·         Plantains – a staple of the Caribbean diet, are cooked to a golden caramelized finish
·         Yuca (pronounced YOU-kah) – a root vegetable that’s like a potato with a tropical kick, served boiled or fried and are excellent paired with curry mustard or cilantro garlic sauce
·         Mojo Roast Pork – slow-roasted for four hours in a versatile mojo marinade - a blend of tangy citrus juices, crushed garlic, olive oil and island spices
·         TropiChops® – bowls with flame-grilled chicken, pork or beef, with a base of rice, mashed potatoes or lettuce, then topped off with choices like beans, corn or sautéed onions and peppers (vegetarian is totally an option here)
·         Saucing Island – where any dish can be personalized with one of 10 signature sauces, including Curry Mustard, Guava BBQ, Pineapple Rum and Cilantro Garlic
There is a wide variety of food to choose from.  I like the variety that is offered.  The beef tips are delicious!!  Thinking of the new year, we need to find places where we can eat as a family that we can all enjoy.  But also, places were the food is healthy to eat as well.  

Pollo Tropical offers a Nutritional/Allergens tab.  You can always look up the ingredients to your meal.

Pollo Tropical offers a 21 Healthy Meal Plan that offers a nutritious approach to better living.  You select your region and it pulls it up lunch and dinner.  It has the calories and protein.  They offer tips and suggestions.  You can also join a walking club in your region.  It is never too late to start.

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