Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Influenster Special Invitation

***Disclosure-I am an Influenster.  This post is my entry to earning my BlogSTAR VirtualVox badge.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

In December 2012, I asked Are you on the Influenster Team?  Did you join?  If you have not, let me tell you why I like being an Influenster.

1) VoxBox-A VoxBox is a box you get with awesome goodies to try.  Thanks to Influenster and the brands, you get to try new products.  Here are a sample of 2 boxes I have received:

The products are full size products.  Sometimes they can be of brands I have never heard of and sometimes they are of some of my favorite brands.

2)  Special Offers/Discounts-Not only do you get to try these products but sometimes the brands send you a special discount code or offer.

So if you like the product after trying it, then you can purchase it and get a discount.

3)  VoxPerks-Just for being an Influenster you have VoxPerks.  Check out your dashboard to see what special offers you have.
Currently I have a VoxPerk for 90% OnePlay premium subscription and pay only $1.

4)  Influenster App-You can also download the app.
So do you want to join?  Leave me your email in the comments and I can send you a special invitation.

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Influenster~Boots No7 Beautiful Skin

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Deb Jackson said...

This looks fun. Thanks.

June Lisle said...

How cool! I wish I would have been invited to get that voxbox. I haven't had one in nearly a year.