Thursday, November 20, 2014

Shopping The Childrens Place

Disclosure-I received a gift card to use on my purchases.  Any opinion stated are my own based on my personal experience.

This past week the weather came to a drop and it finally feels like winter around here.  Were you ready?  Were you kids ready?  I had just been cleaning out my daughter's closet.  At this time of year I clear out her closet and donate all her gently used clothing to a charity of choice.  I did not know how much she had out grown until I almost cleared out her entire closet of winter clothes.  She was left with a bare winter closet.   Luckily this week we were invited to attend a day of shopping at The Children's Place.  This is one of our favorite stores.  I love their sales.  I can always find great deals even when I am not looking.  Their clearance is awesome and you can find items as low as $.99.  They also take coupons on top of their already low sales and clearance prices.  So here are my top picks on this shopping trip:

1)  Jeans-On sale for $9.  They have the waist band adjusters.  Available in different styles and washes to choose from.  And they always have the size you need.
2)  Leggings-On sale for $5.  These are great for little girls who still want to wear their cute dresses.  These will keep their little legs warm.  They have several colors and styles.
3)  Fashion Shirts-On sale for $5.  I like the shirts they always have available.  They have cute sayings on the shirts that let little girls show off their own style.  The shirts are always full of color.  You can match it with anything whether it is leggings, jeggings, or jeans.  These shirts are available in short sleeve or long sleeve.
4)  Microfiber Fleece-On sale for $6.  My daughter loves pullovers and zip ups.  She gets hot a lot.  The fleece is great to keep her warm outside and then she can take it off when she gets indoors.
 These are all the items I bought for my daughter.  23 items for a total of $111, making each item about $4.83.  That is under $5 for each item.  The most expensive items I purchased were the fashion jeans and sweater dress.  I did pick up some items off the clearance rack too.  The clearance was marked an extra 50% the price marked.  And I found a coupon that was 30% off $60, or 20% under.  I also received a coupon for my next shopping trip.  I am signed up as a rewards member and accumulated $5 for my next purchase.  And if you have The Children's Place credit card, which we do, you get an extra 5% off on top of your savings.  It is a win-win situation for us and our daughter's wardrobe. 

***Please note-sale prices above were current prices at the time I went to the store.  Please check your store, ad, or online for current prices.  As always the opinions stated are my own.  This is a store we normally shop at for our daughter. 

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