Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kidecals Review

***Disclosure-Sample product received for review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

I was cleaning my daughter's closet yesterday and as I am clearing out old clothes I found a sweater that is not hers.  I love to pass gently used clothes, hand me downs, to family members or donate to Goodwill.  So cleaning out our closets happen ever so often in our house.  My daughter brings home clothes from her daycare that is not hers, when she has run out of oops I had an accident moment clothes.  The daycare of will not have my daughter naked so they have spare clothes they keep.  When my son started daycare I noticed they wrote the names on the clothing tags with a sharpie.
I don't like how this looked, ever.  Sharpie, not cute.

Recently I have been shopping at the "Just Between Friends" consignments and the above jacket was one of our recent purchases.  It was so cute and so cheap.  Look not too worn.  The colors are great and not washed out.  So I bought it for my daughter.  But if I take this to the daycare they are not going to know it is my daughter's jacket.  I don't sharpie.  I like to label her clothes.  Then when we are done with them, the next person can relabel the clothes with their kiddos name.  The weather has dropped and all our kids are going to be wearing jackets.  I make sure to tag all of theirs so that they all come home with the correct owner.
Kidecals are great.  And their cute styles are adorable.  They have a little personality in each one you pick that will match your kiddo's style.  They are super easy to use.  They arrive in a cute package.
Don't have your kid come home in someone else's sweater or jacket this Fall.  Or have the daycare write your kid's name in ugly black permanent marker.  That is not ideal for when my daughter outgrows these and we hand them down to my niece.


Mizz Alvarado said...

I love Kidecals!

LauraJJ said...

Oh I love these! We always have to write in his clothing for preschool, or we lose them! Lost a coat on the first day! (did get it back though :) I would LOVE to do these instead of the sharpie!!!