Friday, September 19, 2014

Why I Want to Attend Be Blogalicious 2014?

**Disclosure-I am entering a giveaway for a free pass and hotel, here.  This post is part of my entry.  All opinions stated are my own.

Why do I want to attend Blogalicious?  Blogalicious' mission is to grow a community.  Since I started blogging I have met so many great people that have helped me get to where I am today in the blogging world.  It all actually started with a group of ladies I met in October 2008.  Well Blogalicious is a resource for women in social media.  They promote the sisterhood.  Since I started blogging I have had a great group of ladies that have included me in their sisterhood.  I can call them, write to them, and even hang out with them whenever needed online or offline.  When I started blogging, I was looking for someone who share my same problems, ideas, and situations.  It turned out I was not alone.  Blogging has been a great gift in my life.  I went from being a broken single mother to know an Independent Mami.  This is how I chose my blog name.  I hoped to one day help other ladies become Independent.  I use my blog to open up about my life as a mother, now a wife, and my struggles.  Part of the 3-fold Blogalicious objective is to uplift one another, and I love that.

I have attended conferences and have felt lost in a crowd.  When I attended a recent blog get-2-gether I asked around to see which conference everyone thought they had received the most value out off and Blogalicious was the conference to attend.

I want to attend Blogalicious for me.  Most of the year I spend on kid time, wife duties, house duties, and I really want to put me in my own schedule.  I have seen the agenda and I really think I could benefit from the following:

-Get Right Within: Learn to Manage the Emotional Ups and Downs That Affect Your Blog and Your Business 

There is so much going on in my life that has affected my blog.  I really want to learn how to manage. 

-Session: YouTube Is New Again! Get Comfy with Video

I am very shy even if you can't tell.  I sometimes hide behind the words on my blog.  When it comes to videos and YouTube, I need lots of help.

-Workshop: Be GREAT at Google+

Goggle + is so much of a change to me.  Sometimes I am not good with change, but I want to learn how to be better at goggle.

These were just some examples but the entire agenda is so full of amazing learning opportunities.  I feel I could benefit a lot from all the wonderful people attending as well. 

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