Friday, September 19, 2014

Fitness Friday-GoldKili Review

***Disclosure-Sample product was received for review.  All opinions stated are based on my own personal experience.  All other information is for informational purposes only.

Do you what the benefits of Ginger are?  I have tried Ginger when I was juicing but never added it to any other drink.  Thanks to goldkili for sharing the 10 health benefits of Ginger below:

1)    Alleviates Nausea
2)    Acts as a Natural Energy Booster
3)    Boosts Immunity
4)    Eliminates Congestion
5)    Enhances Metabolism
6)    Provides Rich Minerals
7)    Reduces Inflammation
8)    Refreshes Breath
9)    Improves Blood Circulation
10)  Relieves Indigestion

-Caffeine Free
-Natural Ingredients
-Hot or cold

If you have ever tried Ginger you know how it taste or smells, it is an acquired taste for some.  It tastes like a sweet, and spicy tea with Ginger added.  I suffer a lot from indigestion.  My stomach gets swollen, especially when I eat things I am allergic too.  Lately my stomach has been really swollen and I have felt so bloated.  The goldkili has helped relieved me during the day.

Have you ever tried Ginger?  How do you use it in your life? 

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