Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Travel Tuesday-La King's Confectionery

Have you ever traveled to Galveston, Texas?  It is beautiful.  Hurricanes come and go but this place keeps surviving it all.  This weekend I, along with 200+ people, traveled to Galveston for Blog Elevated 2014 conference.  I live in Houston and visit Galveston often.  Galveston is beautiful.  But there was a side of Galveston I had not visited before The Strand.  A big group of Blog Elevated attendees decided, since we were on our own for dinner, to head to the Strand.  But before dinner we found a very neat place we just had to go into, La King's Confectionery.
This place takes you back to a time where you went to the confectionery to go get candy and ice cream.  I love these times.  I was amazed by this place and loved the feel of it. 
(On weekends and through the summer, people gather around to see taffy being 'pulled', 'spun out', and packaged, right before their eyes. A special treat is in store as the candy maker tosses out samples for EVERYONE! Nothing beats fresh, warm, taffy.  You can even get one of the girls to dip a pound or two right out of the catch basket.)
Check out the candy cases and all they have to offer, I was a big kid in a candy store:
There is candy everywhere.  You can find something for everyone.  You just want to buy it all.  But the candy is not all there is to see, the ice cream parlour is awesome:
This is a great place for old and new friends to gather.  This was so much fun to see, tasted, and grab some goodies to go.

I brought treats for my family to enjoy.  And thanks to the nice candy guy who helped me, my daughter got the entire alphabet in gummies.  She loved them.  I brought my teen taffy.  For the hubs and I, I brought the chocolate covered sunflower seeds.
So if you are in town, Meet Me at La King's.

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Pilarh said...

Lovely pictures. So happy to met you!