Thursday, April 3, 2014

Travel Thursday-Seaworld's 50th Celebration

I do not think I have had the chance to share with you the wonderful news that I will continue to be a

If you remember my adventures last year, we got to do so many fun things as a family:

-Stingray Encounter
-Met Franklin and had an awesome time at the Just for Kids Celebration
-Polar Plunged for Special Olympics
-Snow, Snow globe, Dinner with much fun

This year sure will bring many more adventures for our entire family to enjoy.  All the fun has already started as Seaworld has opened it's doors and is celebrating 50 years!

The party and celebration was so much fun.  But it did not end this day.  The party will continue all year long.  You too can come and party.  Look for the Surprise Squad, they will be delivering an experience everywhere they turn up, including all sorts of surprises and prizes.

As part of the 50th Celebration, there will be more animal encounters, from the fun and frivolity of flamingo parades to the grace and nobility of the magnificent eagle.
For the 50th Celebration, they wanted to highlight the importance of our oceans and so with the help of the non-profit artisan group Washed Ashore, a collection of larger-than-life sea-themed sculptures – many weighing more than half a ton – have been created out of debris that was found washed up onto shores.

 Find out more at

This is the schedule for this year:
 Also find out about the 50 trips Seaworld is giving away as part of their 50th celebration, click here.

Check out all the Seaworld Wildsiders.

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