Saturday, December 21, 2013

My SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration

Last week, I visited Seaworld not knowing what adventure this Wildsider would be on.  As part of me being a Seaworld Wildsider, I have been able to enjoy some wonderful adventures this year.
I never knew what this year would hold for me but never would I have imagine feeling like a kid again.  As a little girl I loved seeing all the beautiful lights at Christmas time.  I was transported back to my childhood as soon as I stepped into the Seaworld Christmas Celebration.
There are so many things to see and do at the park.  The park looks like a totally different place and it is so beautiful.  A sea of lights that is so magical. 

Have you ever seen a tree made out of boots? 
or poinsettas?  Perfect place to take your family Christmas card photo.

A visit to Snow World, snow in Texas, yes!  Sliding down a hill of snow, snow angels, snowball fights, building snowmen...not just for kids...

My visit would not be complete without seeing Santa.  And at Seaworld your family can enjoy dinner with Santa himself, Ms Claus and the elves too.  Travel back in time, so nostalgic when you visit Christmas Cove.

Dinner with Santa and Ms Claus requires a reservation.  The price for an adult is $30 and kids $15.  Under 3 are free but require reservation as well.  It is a full buffet, a Christmas story read by Santa is included and yummy desserts too.  These elves make it all worth it!!

And if your night was not wonderful enough already, you can enjoy a grand finale at the entrance.  Beautiful music, singing, and the tree lights that change with every different song.

If you want to take your family, there is still time.  Seaworld's Christmas Celebration ends December 31.  And if you make it to the park on New Year's Eve, enjoy fireworks right before the park closes.  So who wants to jump in the car, and go to Seaworld......
(Wildsider Family-Julie from Using My Words, Sarah from Sensibly Sara,  Collene from San Antonio Mom Blogs, Stacy from Kids Stuff World, Debbie from San Antonio Busy Kids, Kami from Zoetica)

And do not forget to stop by and meet the new Baby Shamu...2 days old here
The female calf was born on December 6 at 12:08 a.m, and she and her mom Takara are currently swimming around together.  So don't forget to add this to your list of things to do.

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