Monday, December 23, 2013

BELA Sardines Review

***Disclosure-Sample product received.  All opinions stated are based on my own experience.

2014 is just around the corner...are you thinking of your resolution?  Is it a fitness one?  Are you going to try and be healthy?  Eat better?

A recent Harvard study suggested that eating oily fish 1- 2x a  week could add a couple years to your life! 

The New York Times listed sardines as one of their top 11 best foods - as they are rick in Omega 3's, contain little fat and no carbs, are high in lean protein, Vitamin D, Calium, B12 and more.

All above information is provided by BELA.  Who is BELA?  BELA Sardines are wild caught, packed fresh, and sourced from local fisheries along the Portuguese coastline - they are committed to seafood sustainability.  
BELA Sardine Flavors:
Lemon Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil - As you would eat them in London, our famous lightly smoked sardines and the finest Portuguese extra virgin olive oil infused with lemon.
Lightly Smoked in Olive Oil - Simple. Delicious. Lightly smoked sardines packed in the finest Portuguese olive oil.
Lightly Smoked in Tomato Sauce - Mediterranean style, these sardines are lightly smoked and packed in a light tomato puree with a splash of the finest  Portuguese extra virgin olive oil.
Cayenne Pepper Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil - This is a true Portuguese favorite, lightly smoked sardines in the finest extra virgin olive oil infused with Cayenne pepper.
A few BELA family favorite dishes/recipes for the extraordinary or ordinary home chef are ::
• Grilled to perfection on their own, with just a squeeze of fresh lemon
• Simply forked into a pâté, with any favorite table cracker and Vinho Verde
• Sardine salad, *and skipping tired salmon* on spinach salad greens with Port

Think about starting fresh and new changing one thing at a time.  Do you like sardines?  I do.  I like that these sardines come in different flavors.  They are not your plain sardines, that I am use to.  I always added lemon juice and hot sauce to mine with some crackers for a delicious snack.  This one change could help you change 2014 for the better!

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