Monday, December 9, 2013

Heat Holders Review

So Texas has had a big patch of bad weather.  This winter storm has really hit us truly hard.  We were colder here than Anchorage, Alaska? How does that happen?  Nature, God, I am not questioning it.  This past weekend I travelled to San Antonio which had lower temperatures than in Houston.  We rarely suffer from really cold weather but when we do have it, we are not really prepared.  I know one thing I have always done is layer.  Layering always helps to keep you warm.  And if you get too hot, you can always take a layer off.  I suffer from being hot a lot, even now with our cold weather.  But I was not prepared to be super cold out in San Antonio.  I signed up to do the Polar Plunge in Seaworld's Aquatica Wave Pool not knowing when we would arrive the temperatures would drop a whole 10 degrees before we got there.  After the plunge getting my body to warm up, thawing out, and staying warm was another challenge.  I came prepared to layer. 

I had the bright idea that I would run in my toe socks in the water.  But it was so cold outside, even my socks did not keep the cold winter from getting to my toes.  My toes and feet were frozen solid.  The long walk to the restroom afterwards was the longest walk ever, not really, but it felt like for ever.  Thawing my feet out was really hard.  I came prepared with lots of long socks.  But I ended up not needing to layer my socks at all, once I put my Heat Holder socks on.
These socks are so warm.  I did not have to layer with any other socks.  They fit inside my boots.  They were so soft and comfortable.  And best of all they helped my toes warm back and stay warm all day long.  I spend most of the day outdoors in 30 degree San Antonio weather.  I love the inner lining that did exactly what the packaging said it would.

They are available for the kiddos, and long sizes.  These are the perfect thermal socks I needed.
Thanks to Heat Holders for sending me these to try.  If you would like more information on why these socks are so warm, go to

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