Sunday, April 27, 2014

Comicpalooza Back in Houston

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Are you a Comicpalooza fan?  Remember last year I went and told you all about my experience here.  Well Comicpalooza is back in Houston.
HOUSTON, TEXAS – Comicpalooza is proud to introduce the Education Track. New to this year’s convention, the Education Track is full of panels, workshops and demonstrations. The offering allows educators and students of all ages a chance to learn and have fun at the same time. Topics include art, writing, film making, animation, science, robots, theater, prop and costume fabrication, voice acting, video game development, with others to be added.

Educational offerings include
  • Featured concentrated lineup of How-to and educational panels, workshops, and seminars on Friday, May 23 from 10 am to 2 pm.
  • How-to and educational panels, workshops, and seminars will be offered throughout the 4-day weekend,
  • Professional seminars for educators and librarians
Classes attending Comicpalooza as a field trip will be eligible for specially discounted passes.

Houston Maker Faire will have a large contingent of makers on hand, with DIY tech, university research projects, and lots of good old fashioned American inventiveness. This will include a 5,000 square foot display of robots, to name just one cool exhibit.

Astronaut Panel
Stan love            
Orbital Debris
Stan Love, Sue Lederer
Space Activism: Educational Outreach Programs
Daniel Lockney, Tristan Moody
Commercial Space Flight
Khaki Rodway, Mike Machula, Faith Vilas
Starship Propulsion
Harold White
A Map to the Stars

The Mystery of Moon Swirls:  Weather on the Moon
Georgia Kramer
Astronaut Training
Dr. Kelly Soich
Space Outposts: The Final Frontier
Daniel Lockney, Georgia Kramer, Annie Wargetz, David Brown

Earth Observations Missions
Jim Wessel
Solar, Lunar Observation Missions
Jim Wessel
It Came from Outer Space!
Daniel Lockney
International Space Station
Tracy Thumm, Ryan Launius
Life in the Universe
Annie Wargetz
Crash Test Dummy: Life on the Inside of a Spacesuit
Dean Eppler
Near Earth Objects
Paul A. Abell
Space Mission Tech
David Brown
Effects of Microgravity on Human Health

John B Charles

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