Monday, March 25, 2013

Check out Aquatica's Wildside

Do you like swimming with Sharks?  Well I don't either....what about Stingrays?  Did you know that they are close relatives of sharks?  I didn't.  They bury themselves on the sea floor in the sand. 
This is my wild child, I guess she gets it from her mami.  My dare devil of a daughter, my son, and I all got to get in the water with these Stingrays.  (disclosure-no animals, kids, or parents were harmed)

So we got a briefing first and learned how to act around the Stingrays for our protection and theirs.  My 15 month old daughter was not scared at all and was loving the enviroment.  Once she got in the water, she laughed every time a Stingray passed her, brushed by her, or came up for food.  My son and I were really intrigued by this wild experience.  We walked on the wild side, now will you?

Would you go in the water with Stingrays?

***Disclosure-I am a Seaworld Wildsider.  All experiences are my very own.  All interactions and opinions are my own and are honest.  The Stingray experience has been Independentmami and kid tested and is Independentmami and Lil Bit approved!

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