Sunday, March 17, 2013

Seven Layer Dip with a St Patrick's Day Twist

We had a pot luck lunch at work and I decided to bring a seven layer dip.  Seven layer dip is easy to make.  It consists of different ingredients and many add or take out ingredients as their taste buds choose.

Here are my ingredients in order from bottom to top-

-refried beans (with jalapenos...mmm)
-guacamole (you can make homemade but I buy Dean's and I like it)
-Pace (hot or mild-whatever you like)
-cheese (shredded-jack, mixed, whatever you like)
-tomatoes (cut them in small cubes)
-black olives (I cut them really small and just add about 2)
-sour cream (as much or as little as you like)
-onions (use as garnish)

So I make individual cups for each person.  Since the theme is St Patrick's I wanted the color green to stand out of the clear cups.  Since the bottom layer is beans, you can use the guacamole on the bottom and spread it all over cup.  Then add the beans.  Next layer is guacamole.  When you add the guacamole, make a cup effect so when you add the Pace on top you only see green on the side of the cup.  I then got the sour cream and dyed it green with food coloring.  Smear a thin layer of sour cream all over the sides of the cup.  Then all cheese, tomatoes, olives, and top with lettuce and green onions.  I also add a Spinach flavored chip.

This is a very filling appetizer you can eat with a fork or chips and great for everyone to enjoy.

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

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