Friday, March 22, 2013

Jockey Activewear Review

So three weeks ago I decided to get serious about my running.  I have been running at least 5 days a week ever since.  I take my clothes to work and run at lunch.  After work, I go again.  One thing I have learned is that the right gear can make all the difference.  Here are some problems I have experience:

-bottoms rolling under belly
-cameltoe (yes, I say it)
-bottoms riding up
-sport bra too tight cutting off circulation
-sport bra too big making everything giggle everywhere

Overall uncomfortable clothes can ruin your running mood and make a situation very dificult. 

Did you know Jockey makes activewear?  I like Jockey underwear.  They are so comfortable.  But Jockey Activewear?  I didn't know...
(Yes, this is a full body pic of me modeling Jockey Activewear before my Zumba/Aerobics class)

Jockey Cotton Stretch Bootleg Pant-

-I like that the pants are made out of breathable cotton and they stretch.

-I like the extra-wide waistband because it sits right at my belly button and stays in place.
-I like the slim fit with a slightly flared leg opening that doesn't make me look retarted.  It fits just right on my real curvy frame.

-It is available in short length.  Look a real pair of activewear pants that is my perfect length.  I never buy pants because they are too super long for me.  This length is perfect.

-It has a hidden pocket on the waist.

Jockey Seamless Sports Bra w/Removable Cups-

-I like the breathable fabric.

-It fits like a glove.  It is seamless. 

-I have worn this under a dress and it looks just fine. 

-It is comfortable.
-It has removable bra cups.

-It is available in several colors and I like to be colorful!!

-The thickness of the straps fits fine and does not cut off my circulation.

***Disclosure-Product was sent to review.  Jockey bootleg pants and bra top have been Independentmami tested and are Independentmami approved.  Any opinions expressed are my very, own honest opinions based on my experience.

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