Monday, April 1, 2013

Motivational Monday-Setting Goals

So It is hard for me to stay motivated.  I have to set goals for myself in order to stay motivated.  I was reflecting back in my fitness journey and realized I do better when I have a goal to achieve. 

-6 yrs ago I lost alot of weight and ended up at 144.  I was a size 4-6.  I was so happy.  Someone made a comment towards me that fueled a fire in me.  Next thing you know I was working out 4-5 days a week for at least 3 hours.  I was eating healthy and not looking back.  Then I got content and quit.
-3 yrs ago I lost most of the weight I had gained back and ended up at 151.  I was a size 6-8.  I worked out wherever I could.  I was psycho.  I danced, boot camp, etc...  I also started eating MyFit Foods which is fresh food that is precooked and packaged.  You pick it up and just warm it up.  They even tell you when to eat it.  I was able to get into my wedding dress right in time for my wedding.  I was the happiest bride ever that day.
-This year I have been trying to lose the weight I refound.  I have lost all my baby weight I gained.  But not all the extra weight I had refound all this years.  I have been on a journey.  I know that this is a lifestyle change.  I also know that hardwork pays off.  I have seen the results. 

So back to setting goals.  I need a timeline.  So I was discussing this with a friend and her wedding happened to be 80 days away this past month.  That day I decided to commit myself.  Her wedding is Memorial weekend and I have quit making excuses.  The month is over and a new month is here now. 

Total miles ran- 82.53 miles

I did not run everyday.  But April I plan to run over 100 miles.  There are 54 days left until my friend's wedding and I have alot of work to do.  I am not looking at my weight, remember.  I am looking at what my fitness level is.  I started running 3 miles a day and have now moved to 6 miles at one time.  Remember I am running at least 3 days a week.
My goal:

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