Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MommyParties Presents Ridemakerz

We were selected to host MommyParties sponsored by Ridemakerz. We received our kit which included:

-(10) Xtreme Customz assortment of starter kits (i.e. Spiderman, police car, Corvette, Viper, etc.).
So our Ridemakerz (boys) started showing up ready for our fun filled build your ride experience. 
We had car building stations as the kids each picked their Ridemakerz.  They got to building their ridez.
EXTREME CUSTOMZ experience.  You get to build your own ride.  How fun is that.  Our boys were so excited.  All I kept hearing was cool, this is so cool, and cool!!  You can mix it, match them, or make them your own.  The boys were building and racing.  The boys were really surprised when they found the adjustable suspension-race, off road, lifted, or jacked.

My thoughts-Boys will be boys.  Boys love to build things and take them apart.  With Ridemakerz Extreme Customz, they can pick from a traditional car or a superhero car.  Then they build it.  It has a few small parts like the wheel, rim, etc...  The boys learn to put it together on their own or if they need help it is not hard to show them how it goes together.  The parts are easy to take apart and start all over.  Only problem I see is that they want all the carz to collect. hahhahha...hello birthdays, Christmas presents....

***Disclosure-Mommy Parties send this kit for our party.  All opinions expressed are our very own from our experience. 

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