Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fast Metabolim Diet "Make and Take" MommyParties

Thanks to Mommy Parties and Random House for sending a party kit with sample product, gc, and coupons.  All opinions you will read about are our own based on our experience.

I was chosen to host Fast Metabolism Diet "Make and Take" MommyParties, sponsored by Random House!  I invited 10 of my friends and they each received their very own copy of Haylie Pomroy's The Fast Metabolism Diet - new release, recipe cards featuring Haylie's tried and true recipes, and samples from Applegate sausage, Celestial Seasonings tea and more!

We learned how The Fast Metabolism Diet works:

-You are still eating 3 full meals
-You are getting 2 snacks a day
-lose 20 lbs in 4 weeks
-no calorie counting
-no weird fad foods
-no deprivation

One of our favorite part of the book was learning to make friends with the word D.I.E.T.-
Did I Eat Today?

Most of us hate the word diet because we have been on so many diets left and right.  Diet is not our friend.
This book explains how you can come to learn how to like D.I.E.T.

The book also comes with 4 weeks' worth of recipes....yes 4 weeks!  I really like that there are tuna recipes.  I am tired of the tuna salads I make.  I have eaten my fair share and my ladies agreed when I said it is not the chicken of the

I made a tuna buffet using several of the recipes in the book and they were yummy. 
Now everyone has the tools they need to get started and we no longer have to be afraid of the word DIET!

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