Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Review

It is almost Spring time.  Spring cleaning is right around the corner.  I got a head start on my cleaning since we had the entire house painted.  But once the paint goes up, there was something still missing.  I have always liked the wall murals/stickers/decals that I have seen online.  They are like stickers, except they are removable.  I had wondered how they worked and were they really removable.

Lil Bit's room is pink and brown.  Nothing on the walls but the paint.  Filled with furniture and toys only.  My daughter's room was missing something.  And after looking online I found exactly what it was missing.
The plain closet doors and dresser now have my daughter's favorite characters, Princess decals.  They were really easy to use and remove.  I placed them in different areas but really liked how they made the plain closet doors, not so plain.  This is exactly what her room was missing.  She loves the Princess decals.

Disney Princess Wall Decals-
  • ItemId: RMK1470SCSDK
  • Item Name: Disney Princess Wall Decals
  • Description: 37 Peel and Stick Pieces, Peel and Stick, Repositionable, Removable and Whimsical Fun.
  • List Price: $19.99 / Each
  • Price: $15.99

I like the embellishment with the little jewel studs.  And the decals were removable.  I placed them on the door in the middle but my line wasn't so straight and had to readjust the decals a little after placing them on the closet doors.  They were easily removed and then stuck with no problem.

***Disclosure-Sample provided to review.  Any and all opinions are my own, honest opinions based on my experience.

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