Monday, February 25, 2013

The Taste: Tuesday at 9|8c on ABC

One blind spoonful could change everything on ABC's all-new alternative series, "The Taste," an exhilarating one-hour cooking competition that puts 16 culinary competitors - from pro chefs to home cooks -- to the fire with four of the world's most notable masters of the food world who will judge their creations based on a blind taste test.
In this pressure-filled contest, the taste in a single spoonful can catapult a contender to the top or send him packing. The series features no-holds barred chef Anthony Bourdain, British food star Nigella Lawson, expert chef/author Ludo Lefebvre and chef/restaurateur Brian Malarkey. These four culinary superstars and mentors will each coach a team of four competing pro and amateur cooks chosen from a nationwide casting call, as they vie to create the best tasting dish in a state of the art kitchen. In each episode the groups will face team and individual challenges with a variety of culinary themes through various elimination rounds. At the end of each episode, the mentors will have to judge the competitors' dishes blind -- with no knowledge of whose creation they're sampling, what they're eating, how it was prepared or whom they could be sending home.

My thoughts-I love food challenge shows.  I like to see how creative the cooks can get.  It is amazing what they can do in such little time or with the challenges they are given.

I will be watching tomorrow, will you?  The Taste ABC on Tuesdays at 8/7c

***Disclosure-I am an Influenster.  This post is my entry into a challenge prize.

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