Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Necklace Saver Review

What do you do when you take off your necklaces?  Are you like me and you just drop them in a drawer?  I drop them wherever and then find them all messed up and bunched up the next time I am looking to wear them.
Necklace Saver® to the rescue!

Just place your necklace into the open slot on the ‘saver’ made of organza fabric, clasp the necklace closed, tie the ends together – and voilà – problem solved!

At $8.95, this is the perfect accessory organizer for the holiday or any special occasion.

My thoughts-It is a very simple, and easy way to store necklaces.  Since it is see through, you can tell which one you want to grab.  I can take it on the go when I travel and I won't be afraid of my necklace messing up.  I normally try not to take jewelry for this reason.  I can also stick it in my purse or diaper bag and it won't get damaged from it being tossed around loose.

***Disclosure-Sample product was received to review.  These are my own, honest opinions.

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Anonymous said...

this is such a great idea! i will definitely be purchasing a few for myself to organize all of my necklaces!