Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sock Ons Review

Do you have problems keeping your newborn or babies socks on? Are they always loosing a sock? Do you have to continue to lift their socks up? I have a wonderful solution for you, SOCK ONS. They go over the socks and keep them in place. No more fuss over lost socks, loose socks, or falling socks.

Sock Ons Bright New Arrivals…

Sock Ons Brights have just arrived and now there is a colour to suit every outfit! Available in Red, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Turquoise, Blueberry, Grape, Chocolate and Charcoal. Sized 0-6m and 6-12m.

Sock Ons Classics
Sock Ons Classic colours have become part of a baby’s essential wardrobe!
Sock Ons are made from a softly woven blend of elasticised material with contrasting coloured stitching around the edges.

They are currently available in 5 plain colours: Baby Pink, fuchsia, Baby Blue, Navy and White.

My thoughts: Why didnt I think of these? They are so good at keeping the baby socks on. My Lil Bit loves to kick her little legs around all day long and even in her sleep. I even tried big socks and she got those off. But with Sock Ons, she never can get them suckers off. They are so cute. Everyone always asks me what they are, and wished they had those when they had their kids. But now they know for next time. Check out my Lil Bit in her Sock Ons...

Disclosure-Sample product was provided for review. This are my honest opinions. No compensation was received.

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