Friday, February 3, 2012

LilBit Update Wk 1 - 6

So I have been a little absent from the blog but if you read my previous post you will understand where my mind, and body have been. I have been trying to recover at home while taking care of my newborn. Let me introduce you to my little Gia aka Lil Bit.
Week 1-We were in the hospital for most of the first week. I was battling the blood lost trying to get my blood count back to normal. Lil Bit was just trying to breath. She was in the NICU. She swallowed fluid and was having a hard time breathing. We were told she might have to stay in the hospital because her oxygen level was not were they wanted it to be. But thank God, day 5 she got it. She was still Jaundice but ok enough to leave. The first 2 days we slept on the coaches downstairs.
Week 2-Learning how to take care of a newborn at home all over again. We had to take the baby to the doctor to check her bilirubin number. It finally was ok.
Week 3-Week 6-Everyday is a new battle. Sleepless nights. Breastfeeding is challenging at times. Balancing the new baby and our son and his schedule. Luckily my husband has been at home on maternity leave. He has been alot fo help. My mother in law and sister in laws have also come over to help with taking care of the baby while we take naps. My mom also took off 3 weeks off and that was awesome. The more help you get the better, especially at the beginning.

At her 1 month ck up she weighed 9 lbs 2 oz, and we can def feel the weight on her.

I love all the first moments. I love the smell of baby.

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Carmen Ortiz said...

Hola Alba!! Como estas?? Espero te encuentres muy bien y gozando de tu pequenia princesita. Estan lindas las fotos, parece un angelito.Que linda..Cuidate mucho. Bendiciones y carinios a las dos..