Friday, February 3, 2012

Pregnancy Diaries ~ To bleed or not to bleed

So my C-section went fine but did I tell you I almost died. My c-section went fine so I thought. I was sent to recovery for an hour, and then moved to my own room. As family and friends came to check on me, and the baby, something was going on without me really knowing. Hours after my c-section something went totally wrong. I was visitng with family when I felt something come out of me. I paged for my nurse. My family was asked to step out for a minute. The nurse came in to check on me, and then the chaos began. I was bleeding out. Blood clots were coming out. The doctor was paged. And then they began taking out the "blood clots" one by one out of me by hand. It was so painful. 3 doctors, dozen of blood clots, and what looked like a crime scene later, it was finally over. But as they checked my blood count, they learned I had lost more than half of my blood that I came in with. I had to have a blood tranfussion that took 6 hours to get into my body. I died and came back I tell myself. It was the worse thing ever. Just when I thought everything was fine, I had spoke too soon, but I am glad that I was at the hospital and that they saved my life.

So when you think something is wrong, make sure you tell someone. Dont be embarrased or afraid to ask if something is normal. The hospital I delivered at is a Trauma hospital so they are use to seeing things like these but I know I was the talk of the hospital, and everyone is still talking about my hemmoraging.

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Bobbie said...

I'm so glad you were ok. That is great wisdom to always speak up when you think something is wrong.