Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stanley Home ~ Essentials All Purpose Creme Review

Essentials All Purpose Creme

Essentials All Purpose Creme is our classic formula of precious beeswax blended with rich emollients to cleanse, moisturize, and protect dry skin. Formula softens, maintains suppleness and retains moisture. Use it on hands, face - all over.
Enjoy maximum benefits as it softens and seals in moisture on tough, callused patches.
7 oz.
My thoughts-Try being 7 months pregnant, and having winter's itch. My body and skin are stretching and I need to continuously keep it moisturized. And now the weather is cooling off, which means like usually a mean case of winter's itch. I like the Essentials All Purpose Creme. I can rub it all over as needed, which is alot. I like the smell. It reminds of something, I just can put my finger on it, again pregnancy brain. And best of all it has been helping with my itchyness. I rub it on at least twice a day, sometimes more. I think I stretch during the day, lol.

***Disclosure-I received sample product to review. No monetary compensation was received. These are my honest opinions.

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