Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CoverGirl Taylor Swift #speaknow Concert in Houston

So, you know that every mother wants to take their little girl to their first concert. I, thanks to CoverGirl, was able to take baby Gia to her first concert. And not to any concert but to America's Sweetheart of a girl, the nicest, most darling person, Taylor Swift. Yes, I know baby Gia is in the womb but music is great for her. She loves it. You got to love Taylor, the girl who just would not give up on her dream. At age 11, she made a demo and handed it to every label in Nashville, but was rejected. And so I am glad that I was able to take my baby Gia to meet Taylor Swift.
Backstage experience was awesome. We were escorted to this room that look like it was made for a princess. There was food and drinks available for us while we waited. We even got to take pictures with the famous Valentine's bear...
And after a short wait, beind the curtain was the one and only, Taylor Swift! She was so glad to meet my baby Gia. Check out our pic, which was taken by a professional and we were able to retrieve it for Free.

Thanks to CoverGirl, not only did we get to meet Taylor Swift backstage before her concert. We were able to receive a CoverGirl makeover. It was so nice. There were 4 CoverGirl beauty stations.
And of course all the little girls wanted to get their make up done. Including me. Who doesn't want to be a CoverGirl?
Taylor talked to us during the concert, all 42,000 of us. A sold out concert. And everyone in there was a true fan. She even walked down and shook hands with some of her guests along the aisles. She got up and personal when she headed towards the crowd to sing on a tree with her guitars. And one thing I did noticed was that her skin was flawless from beginning to end. Even on the close ups! But of course, She's a CoverGirl!

Taylor's Tour continues across the US...
November 11 Jacksonville, Florida
November 12 Tampa, Florida
November 13 Miami, Florida
November 16 Charlotte, North Carolina
November 17 Raleigh, North Carolina
November 18 Columbia, South Carolina
November 21 New York, New York
November 22 New York, New York

Disclosure-No compensation was received. Thanks to CoverGirl and the wonderful PR, Baby Gia, my BFF, and I were able to partake in this wonderful experience that we will never forget. This one is going in the baby book!

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