Thursday, February 24, 2011

Zoes Kitchen review

I told you I was going to be telling you about the places i eat at. I will be making my recommendations from my personal experiences on my daily dinings. Here is a spot I have been to and it makes the mark.

Have you ever heard or eaten at Zoes Kitchen?

Recipes derived from fresh ingredients such as vegetables, chicken, olive oil and feta cheese along with moderating consumption is Zoe's philosophy on nutrition. As with all Mediterranean diets, the basic building blocks are fresh vegetables, cheeses, olive oils along with produce and fish. All of the recipes at Zoe's Kitchen start with fresh ingredients each morning and if consumed with moderation would constitute a well balanced diet.

Check out my to-go plate... Chicken Kabobs $8.95
two kabobs of chicken, green peppers, cherry tomatoes, & red onions marinated, grilled & served over a bed of rice pilaf with Zoes Greek Salad.
Independentmami thoughts-I loved it. The chicken had so much flavor. It was juicy. The rice was great too. I gave my co-workers a try. They both liked the taste. Chicken Kabobs get two thumbs up from me. I recommend this plate and this restaurant. It is always clean. My food came out fast. There are several locations. I went to the one on Washington Avenue.

***Disclosure-I was not asked to post this on my blog. I received a free lunch coupon in my El Paso 5K package. Luckily my friend reminded me of the coupon because it was going in the trash. No monetary compensation was received. This restaurant and food has been Independentmami tested and Independentmami approved. These are my honest opinions, and my taste buds.

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