Monday, February 28, 2011

Independentmami has been abducted by Martians

Houston, we have a problem!! Independentmami has been abducted. We believe she has been taken by Martians. What will Matt do?

Dear Martians,

Please return my mami. She belongs to me, Matt. I am her one and only son.


Independentmami stands before the Martians pleading her case:

Now that I have your attention let me tell you the Top Ten things and reasons why my son Matt misses me since my abduction.

Baby boy Matt is my one and only. I am his mami and no-one else's. He knows that because him and I have become very close over his 12 + years of life. See I am a single mother.
I am all he has had. I hold several positions under my belt.

Matt would miss my reading and pushing him to read. I have been reading to Matt since he was in my womb. Even though he hates to admit it, I know he enjoys to read with me. We sit together, cuddled up while reading stories to each other. Whether it is under a tree, on the couch, or in bed stories just seem better with us to bringing them to life. Martian stories are his favorite.

Matt would miss his personal chauffeur. Mami is his personal limo driver. I take him everywhere. Buckled up, ready for lift off as we depart for our every adventure. He is too small to fly space ships all on his own. One day he will be a comander.

Matt would miss his bank loan officer. I am the one who gives him a credit line when he just has to have one more Bakugan to add to his collection. When the overflowing toy box needs one more accessory. When 2 of everything just seems right.
Matt would miss his coach, personal trainer and biggest cheerleader that he has in his corner. Mami runs from one sideline to the other on every play at the football field. Mami screams the loudest from the closest bleacher or dugout. Mami keeps all the equipment ready to go, when baby boy gets called up.

Mami would be missed because she is the only person who knows how to throw the best parties. She knows exactly what the perfect gift is. She surprises Matt every year.

Matt would miss the trips. The discovery trips we take to the beach, zoo, museums, parks, all over. Matt loves to explore with Mami. We spend our weekends and school breaks taking different trips to different places. He learns about things, people, and places. He doesn't need a permission slip when traveling with me.

Matt would miss hanging out with me at work. But more than that he would miss me picking him up from school and getting that long awaited hug from me. When him and I have had a rough day and we play how was your day in the car as we drive home.

He would miss our conversations. Like the time he told me that I was his favorite mom. My reply, boy I am your only mom. You know the why? conversations. Or the how come? conversations. I may not speak Martian but I am fluent in MOM.

He would miss me cleaning his room. When I clean it just seems that everything has a home then, but when Matt cleans nothing fits. I find things that had been lost. Some things that should have stayed lost.

Matt would miss my creative meals. I am not your typical betty cocker mom. I make creations and these are meals we eat. What mom lets you have cereal for dinner? I am the kinda mom that carries snacks in her purse, or the car. I am the kinda mom that lets you have a happy meal just so you can have your favorite toy collection. What mom takes you to Chucki Cheese and is on the floor trying to grab tickets as they are tossing them in the air. Mom is his superhero who always come to the rescue. I can help with projects, my epecialty is MOM I have a project due tomorrow. I am faster than a lighting bolt, like the day we were running late as I drop Matt off he says Mom I forgot my school id, can you please go get it. I am a healer. One touch from me and for some reason things just start to act right.

Matt would miss everyday with mom because we do it all together. I plead you, oh high Martian counsel to please let me go back to my baby boy. As you can see, he will miss me very much. Mars doesnt need me, Matt does!

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