Monday, January 31, 2011

Houston Auto Show Review

Cars, Cars, and more cars.... The Houston Auto Show was here for one weekend only. This past weekend Houston families were able to walk around and see all the new cars. Not only checking out all the new technology and innovative cars but also the classics. I love classics. I would have enjoyed riding in these beautiful creations.

Check this beauty out...

A favorite at the show is always the FORD robot.

This was the cutest car I had ever seen. Right now, it is on my list for my son's future car. It sits 4 people. It is cute, and budget friendly.

But let me show you my future car....Chevrolet Corvette!!

Even though I know it is not in my budget, this corvette is just so beautiful! I'm in love!

There are so many things to do at the Houston Auto Show. I could not show you all of our pictures but wanted to share some of my favorites. It really was a crowd pleasers when all kids under 12 are free. There were so many kiddos having fun with their parents. It was like always a great experience. Props to Chevrolet. My GMC Terrain was on display, well not mine. Mine was in the parking lot. But alot of people seem to really have an interest. I love my GMC Terrain. I have no complaints. We still get stopped in the street with people wondering how we like it. I LOVE IT!!

***Disclosure-My family received a 4pk of passes, parking pass, and notebooks/pencil pads for the kiddos. No compensation was received. These are Independentmami's personal opinions.

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